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About Barkly Brahmans

The Barkly Brahman Stud was established by Brett Becker in 1999 on the Sunshine Coast. In 2011, Brett decided to move the stud to the South Burnett, where Barkly Brahmans is currently located.

Barkly Brahmans vision from the start has been to produce functional, sound cattle with an emphasis on structure, fertility, temperament and ability to do well in harsh conditions.

Here at Barkly Brahmans each of our Bulls are bred with Quality and Functionality in mind.

About Brahmans & The Gyr Type

The American Brahman was the source of virtually all importations of Zebu cattle into Australia until March 1982. The breed was developed by crossing three strains of Indian Zebu cattle. These three strains were the Guzerat, Nellore and Gyr, which were imported from both India and Brazil, mainly between the years 1900 to 1946.

Nineteen head of cattle of the Brahman breed were first imported into Australia in 1933 by the CSIR, the forerunner of the CSIRO. There were other importations in the early 1950’s of Brahman cattle, until all importations were ceased in 1954, due to quarantine concerns. Only a total of 49 beasts were imported. Semen of 6-10 bulls, some of which were Brahman and some Indu-Brazil/Red Brahman type, was then imported in 1975 and 1976. That importation brought the benefits of the 1946 importations to the USA of 18 Brazilian bulls. These were Indu-Brazil and Indu-Brazil-Gyr mixtures. They were often bred to American Brahman cows, which were predominantly Guzerat. The American Red Brahman was predominantly derived from these cattle.

The subsequent importations into Australia had a huge impact on our Australian Red Brahmans. Rio Negro and Arauto had the greatest influence.

The Gyr has a distinctive red or spotted coat to distinguish it instantly from the other types. It also has a broad and prominent forehead giving a hooded appearance to their eyes. Ears are long, slim and pendulous. Horns are curved backwards and downwards, similar to water-buffalo. The hump is very large and well-defined and sits squarely on top of the shoulders. The Gyr is considered the most docile of all Zebus having a very gentle disposition. In general, the Gyr is smaller than the Guzerat and the Nellore but its conformation is very smooth and thick, with full and round hindquarters giving it a beefy appearance. Mucous membranes, skin and switch are all black.